Frequently Asked Questions



I want to be a vendor! How do I sign up?


Please refer to our VENDOR info page for more information on how to register! Don’t forget to join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for new event announcements.



Is there an admission fee? 


Yeah… we know that’s not very "PUNK" of us to charge a cover to enter but this ain’t cheap! Your entry helps us to keep vendor fees as low as possible so more folks have an opportunity to join us and showcase their goods. It also helps us get the word out to you so you know when there’s going to be another PFM. We are 100% DIY! 



Where do I get tickets?


You can pay for admission upon entry or pre-order tickets through our eventbrite links. Ticket links can be found on our facebook event pages. Make sure you use the correct link and do not get scammed. NEVER buy tickets through individuals who claim to have tickets for sale in comments.



SEPFM accepts CASH & CARD!


Most vendors accept cash or card as well, but we all love paper. There is usually an ATM on site at most events.



Can I wear a costume to the PFM?


WHAT!? You think this is costume!? This is a way of life! …but yeah, wear it!



Is the event ALL AGES?


Yes! Kids love it! Some vendors may have items some folks will find offensive, so parental discretion is advised.



So you wanna volunteer?


It’s dirty work and we love that you want to be involved but for now, we can hold it down at the events. If you really want to help us in a big way, you can help us by spreading the word to the masses! Share us on social media, tell everyone you know when there is a PFM coming up and if you really wanna get down, we will send you flyers that you can distribute for the events in your area!





*If you plan to do a lot of shopping, you may want to bring your own bags. We do not offer plastic bags but you will be able to buy eco friendly hand bags at the SEPFM merchandise table.


*We host our events at multiple venues throughout the SouthEast. Every place is different but parking and access is using pretty easy. Keep up with us on social media for any updates concerning these issues prior to the events. We always post a digital vendor map on our social media as well to help you navigate the venue with ease and find those specifics vendors you came to see!