I want to be a vendor! How do I sign up?


Send us an email to [email protected]. Please let us know which event you are interested in. Include your business name, website/social media links and a few pictures of your artwork or items you plan to sell at your booth. Not all vendors are a good fit for the SEPFM or will be allowed to join us. Once you have been approved, you will receive instructions on when and how to purchase a space. If you purchase a space before you are approved, you will be denied and refunded. Don’t forget to join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for new event announcements. 



How much is a booth?


Instead of charging a set fee for all events, we try to keep the fees as low as we possibly can for the vendors. All vendor fees vary and are unique to the venue we are using. 



You MUST be present at the event from start to finish!


Most of our events are 2 days... If you sign up for a 2 day space, you need to be present both days from start to finish! Do NOT pack up and leave early. This can start a chain reaction and gives folks the impression the event is ending for the day. Vendors who pack up and leave early will be fined $250 and will not be allowed to return to any upcoming events until this is paid, even if it is an event you have already paid for. Your space will be filled and you will not be refunded.



Want to be featured on our social media?


Sure! If you are a vendor at an upcoming PFM, we would love to share your photos with our followers on Facebook and Instagram. Send us your best photos of your work along with Facebook/Instagram tags and we will do our very best to share them. We have a lot of material to post and opportunities are limited, so don’t take it personally if we don’t get to post yours right away.  Stick around for awhile!



We do not offer refunds once you have registered to be a vendor for any of our events! Fees are non-transferrable.


Each event is unique and features 100+ vendors. It takes us many hours to sort through the hundreds of emails we receive each week to find artists and sellers who are a great fit for the SEPFM. Be sure you are able to be at the event you sign up for. If you book a 2 day space and do not show up the first day, you cannot come the second day and expect to set up. You cannot sell your space to someone else. If someone that was not pre-approved by us shows up in your place, they will not be allowed to set-up and you will be banned from joining us for future events. 


We offer a few outside spaces for vendors that prefer to be outside, but our events are mostly indoors. We do not cancel shows due to weather (unless we absolutley must). If you book an outside space and it rains on the weekend of the event, we will do our best to move you inside. This cannot always happen. We do not refund spaces or credit you for a future event once the space is  purchased. You know the risk you are taking when you purchase an outside space!



I waited too long to book my space and now it’s sold out!


That’s too bad- and it happens. We still want you to join us, you just might have to wait until next time. You can ask to be added to our waiting list. As the event approaches, a few vendors may drop off. In that case we will go down the list in order to begin filling those spaces.



We do not accept all vendors.


We are looking for artists, makers, vintage clothes/toys/household items, comic books, retro games, diy sellers, small/local businesses, etc. No MMM! If you are franchised or corporate backed, this is not for you. No paparazzi jewelry, scentsy or other similar product lines. We do not accept information tables. We also do not allow vendors who sell tobacco related products or vendors who sell weapons of any kind including guns, knives, etc. Art and/or display items are allowed.